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Hey guys sorry I've been outy so long. My computer decided to die. Anyways~ to make it up to all of you imma gonna do something a little odd! You give me a scene from a movie, a few of my ocs and/or your, and I'll draw it!! So just send me a note with that stuff and ill work on it immediately! Also, I might end up drawing chibis cause them shits is cute~
Ok guys, this is gonna sound odd but would any of my followers consider pairing one of their ocs with mine? Send me an email for more details at
Yay 15 now and old enough to get a job!!!! first thing tomorrow im workin on my resume!!!
1. Don't question society. Why? When one wants to question society they begin to ask questions such as "Why am i here? What does it all mean? Why me? ect" Then you begin to get depressed cause NOTHING will make sense.
2. When something bothers you keep it to your self. Why? if you say something it'll either cause drama immediately or it'll cause drama later.
3. Don't be a hero. Why? Cause when one gets too big for their bridges and decide to defend the defenseless they get a black eye.
finally after five freaking months i got a scanner and uploaded some stuff on to here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! (Victory Dance) Anyways hope guys like my stuff!!!!
BIG NEWS!!!!!!!! the goverment has decided to give all americans the right to walk around naked in public!!1

nah just joshin you maybe one day though.

the real big news is that i got a scanner now i can scan my art on to here!!!! horray me and a selected few are going to come out with a new compny called "LOL productions". this company will be realsing a series of comics!!!!!! its not gonna be like big or anything considering im a minor and stuff....................... anyways
ill be reasling a hell of alot of work real soon so imma gonna try and get peeps to check out deviantart account. (as soon as i get a social life)
Considering i'm a total loser i expect no one to leave me messages or notes but if u have any questions ill take em'. live on peeps